Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gestalt theory of insightful learning

        Cognitivist’s Theory of Learning (Gestalt’s Insightful Learning):
            Wolfgang Kohler originated theory. Gestalt is a german word means configuration or forms or patterns. Organised whole in contrast to a collection of parts. Example:  Flower is just not a total of petals, calyx, corolla, colour, fragrance but something mere than that. According to gestalt the total of the parts is not equal to the whole. According to him “Learning is the organism or reorganism of  behaviuor which arises from the interaction of a maturing organism & its environment. Insight is the perception of relationship between atleast 3 factors an  agent, a goal and intervening condition or obstacles. Its an Aha experience. Flash of understanding which comes to us all of sudden.
Idea of Theory:
Thing cannot be understood by the study of its constituent parts but only by the study of its as a totality or whole.
Gestalt theory focuses on idea of grouping. i.e. characteristics of stimuli that structure or interpret visual field or problem in a certain way.
Factors Determine Grouping (Law of organization):
  1. Proximity: Elements grouped together according to their nearness.
  2. Similarity: Similar items in some respect tend to be grouped together.
  3. Closure: Elements grouped together if they complete some entity.
  4. Simplicity: Elements tend to be organized into simple figures according to symmetry, regularity & smoothness.
This laws have been explained in the context of perception & problem solving.

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